Friday, February 3, 2017

Yiannopoulos did not out anyone—Kramer had already outed herself on public TV

I wish the people who oppose free speech would stop making me defend the right to speak of people I would prefer to protest. Today's example: Someone insisted Milo Yiannopoulos had outed a trans woman and shared this link as proof: Hate’s Insidious Face: UW-Milwaukee and the “Alt-Right” | Overpass Light Brigade

I read it, including the transwoman's letter, then went googling, then said this:

Kramer outed herself on regional TV when she “liberated” the women’s room and then talked to news reporters about it. You can see that here: Transgender UWM student says she's been discriminated against on campus

Translating her letter into simple English boils down to this:

She is upset that the chancellor didn’t abandon the principle of free speech and cancel a speaker who had been invited by a student group.

She is upset that when protesters who wanted him to cancel the speech would not leave his office, he called the cops to have them removed rather than cancel the speech.

She is upset that at the speech, Yiannopoulos referred to a very public local incident that she had created.

The rest of the letter is a hissy-fit because she doesn’t want anyone to disagree with her or say anything mean. And I sympathize with that. Sometimes I wish I could silence anyone who disagreed with me or said mean things about me. But then I sigh and move on with my life.

To be clear here, I think people should use the bathroom they want to use.

And I think people should talk to news reporters if they want to.

But I do not think people should pretend they have been outed when they have outed themselves so very thoroughly.

ETA: Just to be sure this horse is dead: If Kramer had not already outed herself, Yiannopoulos would never have known her name.