Monday, October 24, 2016

Leftist criticism of identitarianism by Benamin Kunkel at Salvage

Sweet ’16: Notes on the US Election | Salvage: "[Clinton's] campaign and its media boosters also deployed a newer tactic against Sanders, using identitarian tropes of symbolic achievement and semantic grievance to present Hillary as the more progressive candidate. The logic of symbolic achievement made it imperative to put a woman in the White House rather than another white man, never mind that Sanders would have been the first Jewish president. (In extreme form, the argument was, mutatis mutandis, that of Daisy Benson in the Independent arguing against Corbyn and in favour of a woman, any woman, as head of the Labour Party: ‘If it’s truly progressive, Labour will have voted in a female leader – regardless of her policies.’) The complementary tactic was to cast the further-left campaign as in fact a stalking horse for racism, misogyny, and the jealous retention of class privilege."

SJW excess: Death threats for criticizing yoga pants

The skintight surprise 300 women delivered to man who disparaged yoga pants - The Washington Post:
Sorrentino told WPRO radio earlier in the week that the death threats and expletive-filled voice mails he’d been left were “vicious and intimidating,” reminder of the hate he’d experienced over the years as an openly gay man. “The fact that this is seen as an appropriate reaction to something I wrote in the paper is really disgusting,” he told WPRO. On Sunday, he reiterated that his letter was a joke “A joke is designed to fool people,” he told the Providence Journal. “Those people were fooled.”

Friday, October 21, 2016

A take-down of Sady Doyle, one of the exposed Clinton hacks

I missed this response to Doyle's attempt to present Clinton as the "progressive" candidate: The Progressive Case For Hillary Clinton Isn’t Much of a Case At All - In These Times. Now that Wikileaks has confirmed what critical readers of Doyle have suspected, the article's relevant again.

Insert my standard rant about how "progressive" is a feel-good term that neoliberals love because it doesn't commit them to anything.

An update on the U-VA hoax rape

I just read Rolling Stone reporter says ‘Jackie’ deceived her about U-Va. gang rape - The Washington Post. If you're familiar with this story, the second half is more interesting.

Having been mobbed, I have enormous sympathy for Eramo. I want to have sympathy for Erdeley, too—she's a victim of the simplistic "believe the victim" meme of postmodern feminism—but as a journalist, she had a duty to, as Ronald Reagan said about the USSR, trust but verify. There is no contradiction in being supportive of someone who claims to have suffered while continuing to investigate the truth. For a journalist, that's an obligation. I can't tell from the article whether Erdeley understands that yet. She's quoted as saying, “It was a mistake to rely on someone whose intent it was to deceive me.” That's not true. It was a mistake to rely on anyone, because journalists can't see into anyone's heart. The job is to constantly seek the truth knowing you will never find the full truth.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Social justice versus civil rights: on free speech and hate speech

Supporting free speech is a civil rights concern. Outlawing hate speech is a social justice concern. What hate speech opponents do not understand is that free speech must include the right to offend.

See The right to free speech means nothing without the right to offend | Jodie Ginsberg.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The rape case that Clinton tried illustrates a problem with "Believe the victim"

The facts about Hillary Clinton and the Kathy Shelton rape case -
Memories are malleable over time. The record shows that Shelton’s memories of the case have changed, specifically concerning being forced to take a psychiatric exam that, it turns out, was not approved by the court.
No, this does not mean Shelton lied, and there's no doubt that she was raped. It means what it says: human memories are not as reliable as most of us think.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Evidence for the argument that male feminists are more sexist than most men

Add another to the list of fallen male feminists:

Grody Feminist Beardo Journalist Devin Faraci Accused of 'Grabbing P*ssy' | Heat Street

Of course, #NotAllMaleFeminists

But most men, regardless of their opinion of feminism, don't do that shit.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Phocion on the Alt-Left and the Alt-Right

In the comments at Why LEV is not a Strategy-and Why it Matters | Outrages and Interludes, Phocion said,
Activists like Garza aren’t so much neoliberal, as much as they are “Alt-Left” –a mirror image of the Alt-Right. Both the Alt-Left and the Alt-Right advance identitarian critiques of neoliberalism. Both are obsessed with heritage and are disillusioned with traditional politics, seeking “culture change” instead. In fact, the Alt-Right seems to almost welcome the BLM movement because it draws attention to the failure of liberal multiculturalism.