Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SJWs as the Moralist Left, and a bit about Kameron Hurley and WisCon

#JeNeSuisPasLiberal: Entering the Quagmire of Online Leftism | The American Reader is an interesting attempt to divide the left into four groups. Most relevant to scifi fandom is this bit:
Hurley’s rage-born preference for megacorporate San Diego Comicon over Wiscon closely parallels Garvey’s preference for the KKK over white liberals. Alternating between Ethical betrayal and Structural futility, her essay ultimately settles on the hope that something better will take its place, without explaining how that will happen.
The reason identitarians rage and never offer solutions may come from the fact that they tend to be neoliberals rather than leftists. They love the pyramid of economic privilege and wish it had no impurities so they could enjoy their privilege without discomfort. And so they rant about the impurities without realizing the pyramid itself must be flattened.


  1. Of course. They need to show how moral they are, no matter how hypocritical their behaviors.

    Look at these 'moral crusading anti-gamer/industry reform' SJW-heavy websites that DEMAND DIVERSITY IN GAME DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT. The Top-6 (Polygon, Kotaku, etc.):

    In 2014, when the survey was done, within these 6 sites we had 90 males, 16 females, 3 Hispanic/Latino(a), 5 Asians, 5 persons of unknown ethnicity, 1 Indian, 90 Whites/Caucasians, 0 Black/African-Americans, 1 multiracial/multiethnic person, 1 queer person, and 2 LGBT persons for a total of 106 combined identified staff (combining male and female as none identified or presented outside of these labels) at these sites.

    15% of identified staff are females. 2.8% of staff are Hispanic/Latino(a), 4.7% are Asian, 4.7% are of unknown ethnicity, 0% were Black/African-American. 0% are Native American. 1% are multiethnic or multiracial. 1% are Indian. 1% are queer. 1.8% are LGBT.

    85% are White. 85% of staff at these sites are males.

    And yet they scream and yell and call gamers, who are (literally) the most ethnically and sexualy (gender, orientation) diverse special-interest group in America a bunch of white-male, basement-dwelling, homophobic, racist, misogynistic neck-beards.

    But I guess it's 'ok when they do it.'

    1. Never underestimate the hypocrisy of a moralist.