Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dear Identitarians, here's why Clinton is the racist and sexist choice

I just left this comment elsewhere:
It takes an astonishing amount of privilege to claim that Sanders' supporters are privileged. Statistically, they're poorer than Clinton supporters. Google "A Key Divide Between Clinton and Sanders Supporters: Income" if you doubt me.

More importantly, it takes an astonishing amount of privilege not to support a $15 minimum wage, medicare-for-all, and free public higher education. These things would greatly benefit poor people. And if you don't care about poor people, you should notice that because poverty is disproportionately female and of color, these things would disproportionately benefit women and people of color.

All of which is to say that if you only care about race and gender, Clinton is the more racist and the more sexist of the Democratic candidates.
ETA:  A quote from an interview by my favorite thinker on race and class, Adolph Reed: "You can go down Sanders’s platform issue by issue and ask, “so how is this not a black issue?” How is a $15 minimum wage not a black issue. How is massive public works employment not a black issue. How is free public college higher education not a black issue."