Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today's example of identitarian hypocrisy: a comment on Sady Doyle and the Matt Breunig affair

Just shared this on social media:
The only amusing thing about the Matt Bruenig firing is watching folk who reject "tone policing" say he deserved to be fired for incivility.
Sady Doyle is not the only identitarian who inspired that, but she did her very best to get Bruenig fired, so it's especially funny in her case. She recently said in Sady Doyle (Patterns):
I’m tired of explaining the central thesis of my argument, which is that Bruenig is a ringleader for harassment. I get it: The idea that someone could get fired for insensitive or flippant things they say on Twitter is concerning. It concerns me – I post rude things all the time. But the question I’m most often being asked, or the point I’m being made to prove, is that Bruenig “bears responsibility for his followers.”
There would be some justice in her being fired for the same offense, and after her harassment of Michael Moore with #MooreAndMe, she's in no position to complain about anyone else's followers. But I want a world where Doyle and Bruenig are both free to speak their minds without being fired, so I hope she never has to suffer what she so blithely seeks for others.

ETA: The Bruenig Firing: 'Civility' As A Tool To Control Dissent:
As Rania Khalek argued in an interview with The Benjamin Dixon Show, there’s a growing trend of painting any and all political disagreement as forms of harassment, and “prominent Clinton supporters are using the language of rape, assault and misogyny to smear people” with no concrete evidence. This effectively protects even the most “privileged” among us from criticism.