Saturday, April 30, 2016

Social Justice Kittens Postcard Pack


  1. Thank you Will Shetterly for pointing out this must have product.

  2. You know you can literally check your privilege.

    I did and got a score of 20 out of a 100, telling me I was underprivileged — which was interesting given that I'm a straight, white male.

    Maybe we should all wear little badges with our scores on them, to make ranking in the oppression Olympics easier.

    1. I currently divide SJWs into two groups, the race and gender reductionists and the ones who realize class matters. I don't know if they're evolving and the reductionists will catch up to the others eventually or if they're splitting into two groups, one that's so privileged they can ignore class and one which can't afford to ignore it.

      I'm sure the first group thinks your score is way too low. :)