Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The arrogance of the Social Justice Warrior

I wasn't thinking about SJWs today when I tweeted
Arrogance isn't believing you're right—it's being offended by the possibility you're wrong.
But afterward, I realized how very true it is of them. Perhaps the most striking trait of the Social Justice Warrior is how quickly they take umbrage and turn to insulting those who disagree with them.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why SJWs love lies and ignore facts

The short answer: Echo chambers, plus a dash of cognitive dissonance and the belief that subjectivity trumps objectivity.

The slightly longer version: After the events in my previous post, Big Deal Game Dev (@Palle_Hoffstein) tweeted:
Shetterly is reactionary, right-wing Marxist-Stalinist. The only one in the world.
I replied:
Impressive: I'm not reactionary, right-wing, or Stalinist, & I haven't read enough Marx to be a Marxist.

Though what I have read of Marx has generally impressed me.

Since you're interested, I'm a democratic socialist like Orwell and King.
I haven't gotten a response, of course, because the facts are irrelevant. Hoffstein's community is not interested in whether I actually am reactionary, right-wing, or Stalinist, or whether I have called myself a Marxist—which I may have, but if so, I've done it rarely, because I'm no expert on Marx and there are so many schools of Marxism that the noun alone is meaningless. (My favorite Marx quote is "If that is Marxism, then I am not a Marxist.")

In echo chambers, words bounce around and become distorted, and soon the legendary opponent is more important than the human. A cult doesn't need facts to know that Obama is a Muslim from Kenya on a mission to destroy America for Satan; it's simply an article of faith. Nor do contradictions matter: can a Stalinist be right-wing? Only if the terms are used for their emotional impact alone. If "right-wing" is shorthand for authoritarian rather than politically conservative, Hoffstein is even further from the truth; I'm a libertarian socialist who hates authoritarianism in general and Stalinism in particular as much as Orwell did.

Ah, well. There I go bringing facts to a faith fight. A part of me wishes I would never do it again; a part of me is proud that I will. Facts don't matter to cultists, but they're our only tools to keep cults from growing.

ETA: For a couple of years, I thought SJWs were so extreme that it was impossible to parody them well, but Key and Peele proved I was wrong.

ETA 2: Libertarian socialism - Wikipedia