Monday, December 7, 2015

The narrow narrative of the social justice warrior

I just came across an SJW doing a cursory history of the name, The Hateful Baggage of the Term SJW. It appears to have been prompted by Eli Roth's 'Green Inferno' devours the Internet's 'social justice warriors'. The writer, Dave Pace, cites me as a promoter of the term, calls me a Marxist, then insists the people who disapprove of SJWs are rightwingers.

Logic for cultists is different than it is for the rest of us.

The fact is critics of SJWs cover the political spectrum, as anyone who bothered to research both sides of the issue would know. A fine way to start researching leftwing criticism of the SJW phenomenon would be to google "Adolph Reed identitarianism" and see where the internet takes you.

The writer says my book about SJWs "grows into attacks on feminists, gays, identity politics in general become the real problem with society, says Will Shetterly. People seeking equality and justice, recognition as human beings like the rest of us were the ones holding us back from a better tomorrow. If only they would stop all their bleating we could fix these class issues…"

Now, how he can say I've attacked gay folks, I do not know. I met my first gay friend when I was fifteen and I've supported gay rights ever since, right up to volunteering at the Minnesota State Fair ACLU booth to help bring about gay marriage in Minnesota.

As for feminists, I've loved and admired feminists right up to the development of third-wave feminism by neoliberal thinkers, when feminism splintered. I continue to admire socialist feminists like Sharon Smith.

The writer's disdain for class issues amuses and saddens me, but it's typical of privileged identitarians who, by definition, care more about social justice than economic justice.

Perhaps the most revealing thing the writer does is what he doesn't do: he doesn't quote me saying any of the things he says I said. He links to a site where some of scifi's SJWs took things I said out of context and omits my response: Racefail and Coffeeandink.

Ah, well. Had he quoted what I actually said, he would know my discussion of SJWs, like most criticism of SJWs, has nothing to do with people seeking equality and justice. It's about abusive people who cite those things to rationalize abuse, as though it's possible to create a better world by bullying for good causes.