Friday, March 27, 2015

WisCon finally acts on the Lemberg v. Bergmann "harassment by poetry"

Subcommittee public statement on findings & recommendations | WisCon, WisCon, do you read?

In classic committee fashion, they've come up with a solution that should satisfy no one.

If you wonder about their take on the poem, read it and the writer's take: Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen: A Poem by F.J. Bergmann.

The backstory:  No, this should be my last post about Wiscon: Harassment by poetry

ETA: Can something be "potentially sexist"? Does the phrase mean you suspect something isn't sexist, but you fear you might be attacked for thinking that, so you're covering your ass? Ah, committees.

ETA 2: Will WisCon investigate Alex Daily MacFarlane's harassment of Bergmann next? See Disorient Express - Statement regarding Alex Dally MacFarlane. Once you decide that anything which throws you into a tizzy is harassment, the fun never ends.

ETA 3: Bergmann's very right when she says at Disorient Express - Divide et Impera: "The tl;dr version seems to be that 1) I did nothing wrong with respect to the complaints being investigated; but 2) I should be punished anyway. To which my response is 3) this is both unethical and batshit crazy."