Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tweeting with Benjanun Sriduangkaew, aka Requires Hate

Just saw this tweet from Bee Talks:
Let's bring up Will Shetterly. In 2009, he spent forever harassing women (esp of color).
I replied:
And here's the response: PS. Coffeeandink is white. 
And I was blocked. Made me laugh. The one thing these people fear is informed debate.

Sriduangkaew is what sane people call privileged. a very rich Asian who can travel across the globe, but SJWs think rich people who aren't white males are oppressed, and BS wallows in her oppressed state in, it seems, the many countries she has the wealth to visit. Sriduangkaew is such an SJW that some SJWs  disavow her—she's effectively the Dworkin-McKinnon of scifi SJWdom.

She claims I popularized "SJW", but that's not true. I'm not that crazy about the term—people who don't understand irony think it's a label that should be worn with pride, just as "warriors for Christ" do—but it's what the internet was using, so I began using it too.

She seems to think SJWs cut me slack, which is very odd. Coffeeandink and her buddies called for me to be ostracized.

On the other hand, it's also true that I never went on the name-calling sprees that made Requireshate so memorable, so maybe they do cut me a little more slack. Though my impression is that she gets damned for offensiveness, and I get damned for "tone-policing". The fun thing about being an SJW is consistency is never a concern.