Sunday, November 30, 2014

UPDATE:Doxxing in the name of social justice, with appearances by Skud, Liz Henry, Mary Robinette Kowal, N. K. Jemisin, and more!

Fandom's first major doxxing in the name of social justice was The Outing of Zathlazip in 2008. It seems the instinct to out people has not diminished since then. Two examples:
Xopher's intention to dox me is explicit in his tweet: "His name isn't on his profile."

Now, I don't mind being doxxed. I wanted to keep my general writing separate from my writing here, but I knew I was no more pseudonymous than Coffeeandink had been in 2009. Though I didn't identify this blog as my own, like Coffeeandink, I have used my name in public posts here when talking about my writing.

Which is to say that by the standards of people like the writers at Geek Feminism who claim I doxxed Coffeeandink, I was pseudonymous, and now I have been doxxed.

I sometimes wish someone had listed all of Zathlazip's doxxers. I was amused to note that Xopher's attempt to dox me was favorited by Liz Henry, the first person who doxxed Zathlazip. I can see the argument that favoriting is only approving of doxxing; it's not taking part in it, so I won't bother mentioning anyone else who favorited doxxing me. I'll only list the current would-be doxxers who joined in the attempt to out me:

For people who don't want to use the scroll bar above, here are Xopher's listed retweeters: blueXenologer, SJ Minion, auuaupe, SonomaLass, Fiadhiglas, Jacqueline Gross, Mary Robinette Kowal, N. K. Jemisin, Alice NotMorgan, Suzi Steffen, Alex Skud Bayley, anat, fidelio, Baroque Owl.

I'm especially amused by the people who "asked not to be shown in this view". Doxxers often want to keep their identities hidden, probably because they know that what they are doing is wrong, even if they think it somehow contributes to social justice.

The most surprising retweet was by Skud, who has often written about the importance of pseudonymity. One example: Hacker News and pseudonymity | Geek Feminism Blog. I look forward to someone adding Skud's name to Geek Feminism's wiki post about outing.

When I called Xopher on his attempt to dox me, he equivocated:
The "might" speaks for itself. He didn't ask whether it was a "big deal" to me; he simply followed his impulse to out me.

For anyone unfamiliar with my writing, I'll repeat something I told him: I'm not a crusader against social justice. I love social justice workers. It's the hate-filled tactics of social justice warriors that I and so many people oppose. If you find any evidence of any social justice warrior treating their opponents with love and respect, as social justice workers like Dorothy Day always attempted to do, let me know.

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