Saturday, November 8, 2014

A(nother attempt to say) goodbye to this blog

Only psychics can speak with certainty about the future, but I believe this blog is done. I've learned more than I care to about humans and mobbing and the politics of identity. If you don't hate me, don't tell me about the SJWs' latest antics, because I plan to spend my time in places where no one has noticed them or everyone has chosen not to notice them. They thrive online and in academia, but in the greater world, they're irrelevant.

This could have been my last post here: A call for kindness inspired by Requireshate and Racefail 09.

For anyone new to this blog, I'll repeat something essential: social justice warriors and social justice workers have nothing in common but two words in their name. Social justice workers believe in working in the world and treating everyone with love and respect; social justice warriors reject "tone policing" and rarely venture offline. I have always loved people like Dorothy Day and Dom Helder Camara, and I always will.