Thursday, October 30, 2014

The latest contender for the best article on GamerGate

From GamerGate and Misandry by Cathy Young:
Eron Gjoni, Quinn’s ex-boyfriend, was encouraged to go public by at least one woman in the videogame industry: former Tumblr blogger KC Vidya. She believed that Quinn’s liaisons with industry insiders and with a gaming journalist who had given her positive publicity were a breach of professional ethics, and that her behavior toward Gjoni went against her declared personal ethics as a “social justice” activist. (While KC Vidya later deleted her blog due to the backlash she encountered, screencaps of her posts still exist.) Ironically, a line from one of KC Vidya’s posts was quoted in a Vice article as an example of things “males” have said about Quinn; at least in that case, the magazine later amended the wording and posted a correction.