Monday, October 27, 2014

Ten Short Rants About "Ten Short Rants About #GamerGate" at Popehat

Context: Ten Short Rants About #GamerGate | Popehat

1. 95% Of Label-Based Analysis Is Bullshit.
True, and yet we continue to talk about Democrats and Republicans, men and women, totalitarians and libertarians, because bullshit labels are useful. It's convenient to say "two" instead of "one plus one", and when we say "two", we do not imply that both members are identical. When we talk of World War II and the Allies, we can still tell the difference between the US and the USSR.

2. Timing Matters. So Does Your Chosen Vehicle.
We rarely get to choose our timing or our vehicle. Opponents of movements always suggest that a different time and subject would've been better. Should the rioters of Ferguson have waited to rise up over someone who was not a strong arm robber? Outrage breaks when it breaks.
As for White's example of lists of demands for ethics reforms that he characterized as "suspiciously like "apologize for hurting my feelings and only report on the things I want"", they're really not that different than the SPJ Code of Ethics, which covers the initial problem regarding Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson: “Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.”
Moreover, what White characterizes as a unified GG demand was a comment linked to on reddit, where it only got 19 votes and 7 comments.

3. People Are Going To Say Things You Disagree With, And You Need To Get A Fucking Grip About It.
People only say that about their opponents because it's a two-edged sword. The anti-GGs have no more right to complain about the GGs than the GGs have to complain about the antis.
People criticize Anita Sarkeesian for the same reason they criticize Jack Thompson and Frederic Wertham: it's a free world, and you can criticize your critics. That's doubly true of people like Sarkeesian and Tim Wise, who profit from preaching their facile understandings of power.

4. Live by the Sword, Die By The Sword.
Yup. My disagreements with SJWs have always been about tactics, not goals.

5. Your Insult-Parsing Is Bullshit.
Yup. Either insults are fine, or they aren't.

6. The Enemy Of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend.
True. But the enemy of your enemy is often your ally, for better or worse. The Nazis needed the ACLU to march in Skokie.

7. The Media Is Usually Banal, Not Motivated Enough To Be Conspiratorial, And Not Your Life Coach.
Yup. And so far as I can tell, every group creates its own echo chambers as alternatives. Goodgamers was a reaction to the warriors' media sites.

8. Women, Minorities, and LGBT People Are Not Magic.
Indeed. White completely misunderstands the purpose of #notyourshield: the tag exists to refute the talking point that only white men are part of #gamergate. If anyone's claiming those groups are magic, it would have to be the white warriors who insist women, minorities, and LGBT people are on their side.

9. Stop Trying To Be A Special Snowflake.
"Special snowflake" has to be the all-purpose insult, because it only means that you think you don't need to conform to the group that's calling you a special snowflake.

10. On Threats.
SJWs love their threats as much as their opponents do. I first noticed that with The Outing of Zathlazip.

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  1. Simple version: people are people and we have laws and principles to sort them out when they get out of hand. When we abandon those laws and principles in favor of identity we're left with a Tower of Babel.

    Political correctness/gender feminism/Social Justice Warriors represent an abandonment of those rules and principles in favor of special identities. That amounts to an intellectual attempt at a form of Jim Crow, which is why the PC are such unaware morons. They rail at the KKK and simply create their own pitch perfect version... in principle. But because they have no principles, that is invisible to them, as are any simple comparisons that go beyond "My hand burns in fire and doesn't outside a fire."