Monday, October 13, 2014

Explaining the public record to Mary Dell

I'll start by repeating the hard truth about the public record: once something's in it, it cannot be withdrawn.

marydell briefly posted this at "I'm swimming in it, I'm swimming out to you.":
Here's what YOU made a matter of public record, hypocrite. First you copied Caitlin Kiernan's statement about RH into your blog, and you've kept it there in its hint-filled glory ("As it happens, she's a somewhat celebrated new writer") even after CK took that section down. Then you added the crucial piece of information: 'If you want to play "Who is Winterfox?", the clues are that she's exactly who she claimed to be in her public posts, a writer from Thailand.' 

I guess you can say that you didn't doxx her because there are THREE Thai SF writers active in the field?
Here's the link to your own masterpiece of not-doxxing-anybody, until you edit it or take it down, anyway.
 I don't know if Mary deleted her comment or Kiernan did, but it doesn't matter; it was public, so a public response is appropriate, and I'm always happy to answer a warrior.

1. I didn't know CK took that down. If someone had told me, I would've taken down mine, too, out of simple courtesy. I suspect CK took hers down when there was still no proof that RH was BS, but now that Nick Mamatas has put RH's identity in the public record, I don't think there's any point in deleting what I shared then.

2. As for the "crucial piece of information", you fail to notice that this information was placed in the public record by BS herself in her role as Requireshate. If Batman made public posts in his blog about being a billionaire from Gotham City, I would hardly be outing him if I said, "Batman is exactly who he claimed to be, a billionaire from Gotham City".

And last, three questions for Mary: were you part of the doxxing of Zathlazip? Did you rebuke Coffeeandink, Sparkymonster, Tempest, or any of your friends for doxxing her? How is life with that beam in your eye?