Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#NotYourShield is the best thing (yet?) to come from #GamerGate

I kind of want to become a gamer now. (I've never had a prejudice against computer games, mind you; I've just always been afraid I would become an even better procrastinator if I started gaming.)

This is only the latest example of the profound racism and sexism of identitarianism, which assumes all women, all darker hued folk, and everyone whose sexuality cannot be summed up as "straight" must think alike or be an identity-traitor. What's curious about the identitarian assumption is that if they were right, there would be no straight white men supporting anyone who's unlike them.

ETA: For those who say #NotYourShield was a way to "weaponize minorities", take a look at Ninouh90 claiming credit for the idea at the end of this video.

ETA 2: For a little more on this: #NotYourShield Video Shows All The Different Faces Behind #GamerGate

ETA 3: Okay, I may be falling into this hole, but here are a few more links:

Ninouh90 says in TwitLonger — When you talk too much for Twitter, "However the part of #notyourshield I always knew was coming were the dissenting cries from the social justice brigade. I mean, why wouldn't it? #notyourshield is a blatant spit in the face to their entire narrative, to see blacks, asians, latinos, women, and all sorts of other folk rally under the banner of a supposed oppressor? That sounds like some disturbing shit if you look at it from their perspective (no matter how ill in formed and daft their perspective may be). "

Gamer Gate Harassment is a tumblr for "Showing the often overlooked other side of this argument. If you have any evidence of SJW's attacking you for your opinion, then let me know. If you want anonimity, explicitly tell me."