Monday, September 8, 2014

Is there anything identitarian feminism won't appropriate?

I just saw Nerdy Chloroform for the Soul: If a black man is shot in a forest and no feminist is around to appropriate his victimhood …, which reminded me of something I've been thinking about ever since Wiscon issued a definition of feminism that's a grabbag of identitarian concerns: feminism is about women's equality. Period. It's not about capitalism or socialism or racism or anything someone declares it's about simply because she considers herself a feminist and is concerned about the other thing too. That would be like me declaring that bicycling is a socialist concern. Issues overlap, but this does not fuse them in the way intersectionalists seem to believe.

Properly speaking, feminism's not even about abortion, since almost as many women oppose legal abortion as support it. But, hey, humans appropriate, so pointing this out doesn't really matter. Nonetheless, it's why I'll happily wear the label of socialist feminist, but I prefer Dora Montefiore's observation in 1901 that it's clearer to simply be a humanist. Or since that word's been claimed by atheists, egalitarian and equalist are good, too.