Sunday, September 7, 2014

Is "Social Justice Warrior" really the new way of saying "nigger " or " nigger lover"?

In the comments at About Milo Manara's Spider-woman cover, S8N shared this tweet:
I answered:
Well, since I was called a nigger lover a lot when I was young and therefore know this subject well, I can answer that one easily: No. It's much closer to Jesus saying the rich Jews of his time were hypocrites, because they mouthed pieties while enjoying their economic privilege. 
PS. No, not all SJWs are economically privileged. The exceptions tend to be people who went to the schools of the economically privileged or studied their work. Not all Sadduccees were rich.
To expand on this a touch, those of us who were called nigger-lovers back in the day believed in walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Has anyone ever been physically beaten for being a social justice warrior? I rather doubt it—unlike social justice workers, SJWs spend their time ranting online. I grant that SJWs have gotten death threats because, as I tweeted recently, death threats are the internet's way of saying, "I beg to differ". But the death threats of the 1960s were terrifying because civil rights workers were killed—in my family's case, our fire insurance was cancelled because the insurance company believed the threat. Death threats online tend to be bluster, which the SJWs who give death threats know very well. Has there ever been an SJW kerfuffle whose target didn't get death threats from SJWs?

I conclude that SJW is only a way of identifying the internet's angry identitarians. If there's another name for them that's more respectful or more accurate, please tell me, and I'll happily use it.