Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Did SJWs get a black man fired for promoting #notyourshield?

Jason Miller is a black man who claimed credit for creating #notyourshield, then announced that it seemed to have been a case of simultaneous creation, because someone used it a few hours before him. There's no reason to doubt that—the internet's full of examples of simultaneous creation. Here's one of his early tweets:
And then there's this:

There doesn't seem to be much follow-up, which may be intentional. The poor guy has to find a job, and SJWs are always happy to use financial pressure to silence their critics.

A useful site for examples of SJWs harassing supporters of GamerGate: Gamer Gate Harassment.

For anyone who thinks the SJWs' critics are only white men:


  1. Pretty good:

    1. Thanks for that link! I left this comment there: "Speaking as someone who has studied the social justice warrior phenomenon since 2005, I must say this is the best article I've seen yet on GamerGate. This is especially nice: "The problem with this narrative is that it mistakes opposition to culture warriors with opposition to diversity." Bravo!"

  2. JMiller, as in the guy who invented a doxx against him & suggested that "anti-GGers" did it? Then said "OK I made it up but I'm not a journalist so we're cool, sorry."?

    That guy? Did he honestly get fired because a 'sjw' called his job, or is it just another example of him lying & inventing a story to get attention?

    1. Got a link for him saying he made up his story?

      Mind you, I may be too willing to believe the worst of SJWs because I got a death threat from one back in 2009.