Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is Requireshate (aka Winterfox, Acrackedmoon, Pyrofennic) about to be exposed?

By the principles of the social justice warriors, no SJW is more deserving of doxxing than Requireshate, who uses pseudonymity in the most thuggish way possible. One of her targets—not me—has said in a semi-private post that she has RH's identity and hasn't decided whether to share it. Another person—not me—noticed a very likely candidate and tracked RH's posting on Twitter to establish that he or she may have been from Asia, but was currently in the Americas. RH appears to be someone who has a biography that is similar to the bios that RH has claimed. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't connect the names, but I really have been paying less attention to these people, and especially the ones who became prominent after Racefail 09.

ETA: And apparently it's not the very likely candidate who was proposed. It's someone else with a similar bio. The current candidate, if accurately identified, has been living a Jekyll and Hyde life, but that's often what pseudonymity does, as any number of pseudonymous SJWs demonstrate daily.

ETA 2: Here's what Caitlin Kiernan said publicly at Dear Sweet Filthy World - "The colors of my sea, some perfect-colored sea.": "Yesterday, I was given the identity of @requireshate. You may or may not recall my trouble with this asshole, that they labeled me a racist and a sexist. You yourself may or may not have been a target. A hell of a lot of people have. I may or may not release the name publicly. If I don't, I know that someone else soon will. This person has hidden under the banner of "social justice," masquerading as a decent human being. Well, she can't hide any longer. As it happens, she's a somewhat celebrated new writer who really should have known that, sooner or later, her loathsome behavior would come back to bite her on the ass. Knowledge is power, right? And yes, I trust my source."

My hope is that no one outs Requireshate. The best revenge comes from treating your enemies better than they treated you. That's also how you make a better world. But no one should blame any one who does unto Ms. Hate as Ms. Hate did unto others.

ETA 3: If you want to play "Who is Winterfox?", the clues are that she's exactly who she claimed to be in her public posts, a writer from Thailand. Her bits of ignorance about Thailand either were attempts to confuse her trail or, more likely, due to her privileged background: people who live in several countries sometimes know none of them well.

ETA 4: And now there's a possibility that the wrong Thai writer is being identified. If so, I trust Ms. Hate will do the honorable thing and reveal herself.

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