Sunday, August 31, 2014

About Milo Manara's Spider-woman cover


Not sexist:

Victim-blaming vs the presumption of innocence; or Anita Sarkeesian and the benefit of the doubt

Sarkeesian gave me more to say when she tweeted,
Over a thousand people have retweeted that, which may mean a thousand people have accepted this redefinition of "victim blaming".

The original definition of victim-blaming was simple: it meant blaming the victim for what happened to them: "You shouldn't have worn that skirt, walked down that alley, trusted that person, etc."

But "the benefit of the doubt" only means accusations should be taken seriously. It does not mean we should assume anyone who claims to have been a victim is telling the truth. Humans sometimes lie, and sometimes are mistaken. The presumption of innocence always matters.

If you're a binarian, you believe someone or you don't. The rest of us live in a world of infinite possibility. We give our trust knowing it may be broken.

I give Sarkeesian the benefit of the doubt. I have no reason to believe she's lying. I want the person or people harassing her to be found and prosecuted. But if, as sometimes happens, it turns out that person is an ally of Sarkeesian's or Sarkeesian herself, I won't be surprised. I'll only be sad.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Drax the Destroyer and the Metaphor Police

I recommend a charming little post at Just Keep Swimming Swimming Swimming. It begins, "I took my little brother (who falls on the autism spectrum) to see Guardians of the Galaxy and after this scene he lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed “He’s like me! He can’t do metaphors!” And for the rest of the film my brother stared at Drax in a state of rapture. "

It reminded me that SJWs don't do metaphors. Now, I'm not saying all SJWs are autistic or that all autistic people are SJWs or even that there's more than anecdotal evidence for a link between SJWs and autism. I'm just noting that they don't understand metaphors—perhaps the best example is their difficulty with "colorblind", which they think implies an inability to recognize hue.

I'm very tempted to refer to SJWs as Draxes from now on. But I think I'll resist that.

Hmm. And if I said more about Anita Sarkeesian, I would cite this.

Anti-dickwolves protesters threaten family of Penny Arcade writer. Pot, kettle.

Well, if I did want to say something more about Anita Sarkeesian

I would point out that she's carrying on the tradition of Fredric Wertham, Jack ThompsonTipper Gore, and every crusader who blames pop culture for the world's evils.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

All I care to say about Anita Sarkeesian

Just left this comment at a friend's Facebook regarding Sarkeesian driven out of home by online abuse and death threats:
I confess, I would love to know how much money she makes. She has the same problem Tim Wise has: the more drama, the more profit. Doesn't mean the problems she brings up aren't real. But this is her career, and that makes it right to ask hard questions. We do know the social justice community has people who suffer from Munchausen syndrome. We also know there are awful people on the internet. I don't think the Tim Wises and Anita Sarkeesians ultimately help anyone other than themselves. Which doesn't justify treating anyone awfully, if anyone was actually treated awfully.

Having gotten death threats from people on her side, I confess I'm not as sympathetic to her allegations as perhaps I should be. On the other hand, I think her approach to justice is fundamentally flawed.
Possibly relevant: Hoax hate crimes: cheaters, Munchausen syndrome, and social justice warriors

ETA: Regarding Munchausen syndrome and social justice warriors, it's possible the tweets are coming from an ally that Sarkeesian doesn't know who thinks this helps their cause. One example: The Double Identity of an "Anti-Semitic" Commenter | Common Dreams.

ETA 2:

(Update #3) You Stole My Artwork: An Open Letter to Anita Sarkeesian - RESOLVED - While the case has been resolved, it appears Sarkeesian has yet to prove that she's not operating a for-profit business.

Anita Sarkeesian, I Love You. But Please Show Us The Money - ReadWrite

ETA 3: Well, if I did want to say something more about Anita Sarkeesian

Hmm. And if I said more about Anita Sarkeesian, I would cite this.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Excluded by intersectionality: Keith Vidal, James Boyd, Steven Corkery, Mary Hawkes, Jason Conoscenti

Class and race in US police killings: A further comment - World Socialist Web Site:

the “names and dates” of young white men and women murdered by police are all too easy to supply. The WSWS has reported at least five such killings this year alone:
* January 5, 2014: Keith Vidal, age 18, Boiling Springs Lake, North Carolina
* March 16, 2014: James Boyd, age 30, Albuquerque, New Mexico
* March 26, 2014­­: Steven Corkery, age 30, Spokane, Washington
* April 21, 2014: Mary Hawkes, age 19, Albuquerque, New Mexico
* April 27, 2014: Jason Conoscenti, age 36, Long Beach, California

Full Frontal Disney: Feminism's Nudity Double Standard

Full Frontal Disney: Feminism's Nudity Double Standard - The Daily Beast

To be precise, some feminists have no problems with sexuality and nudity, but for SJWs, oh, yeah.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Excluded by intersectionality: Colin Farmer

Police Taser blind man mistaking his white stick for a samurai sword | UK news | The Guardian

Excluded by intersectionality: Jonathan Meister

California cops Taser deaf man, beat him into unconsciousness as he tries to use sign language: lawsuit - NY Daily News: "Jonathan Meister claims police investigating a burglary in Hawthorne, Calif., mistook his efforts to communicate as aggressive hand signals, so they hit him with a stun gun and beat him."

Is io9 enabling fandom's child porn problem? Plus a Gawker SJW moment.

A few days ago, I left this comment at If You Don't Understand Why People Love Erotic Fanfic, Watch This Now:
Agreed. Linking joyful consensual sex to enjoying child porn is all kinds of wrong.
It hasn't come out of their "pending approval" setting. It's possible the words "child porn" made them think the comment would be "triggering". But it's also possible they didn't like criticism of this video which Lauren Davis praised:

Now, I completely agree that young people are sexual beings, and I think no subject should be taboo. But SJWs who call out racism in fiction in a second are surprisingly comfortable with child porn, and while they'll happily link the names of fandom's pedophiles to anyone they dislike, they give a pass to the adults among them who fetishize the sexuality of the young in words or pictures. Brenna Twohy doesn't mention it, but "Potterotica" includes nonconsensual sex, sometimes with adults. Here's a definition from 2004 at Urban Dictionary: Potterotica:

Erotic fanfiction featuring characters from the Harry Potter series of novels.
They updated the Potterotica section with a Harry/Draco/Snape/Hedwig/jar of baby oil slash!
by SpiffyCEO January 22, 2004

Another comment at a Gawker site hasn't come out of "pending approval" either, perhaps because the first one is still there. At What Black Parents Tell Their Sons About the Police, I said,
My dad gave me the talk about cops. Everyone should get it; based on the numbers we currently have, 1/4 of police killings involve a white officer and a black victim. The remaining 3/4 are for the rest of us.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

All I care to say about the Zoe Quinn and Gawker/Kotaku kerfuffle called Quinnspiracy

The ex-boyfriend's side is at thezoepost. The ex-girlfriend's is at Once again, I will not negotiate with terrorists. My take:

1. Whether he should've gone public is debatable, but conflict of interest cases should go public, and when you have sex with someone who will review your work, the conflict of interest exists, even if it's not on your mind when you decide to have sex.

2. There's only one rule for relationships: honesty.

ETA: Quinnspiracy | Know Your Meme

Excluded by intersectionality: James Boyd

Video: Camper turning from officers when shot | Albuquerque Journal News: "James M. Boyd seemed to think he had a deal. The 38-year-old homeless man – whose illegal camping in the foothills had drawn Albuquerque police – told officers on Sunday that he was ready to walk off the mountain. Instead, he was carried off, fatally wounded after officers opened fire. Boyd, in a long confrontation with police, ended up face down in the dirt, a splotch of blood visible on his back, a police dog on his leg. He held a knife in each hand."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Excluded by intersectionality: Unarmed white man killed by black cop

Witness, Ranger explain Monday fatal shooting of James Whitehead by Robert Arnold » (Orange, Texas)

UPDATE: Witness in Orange shooting case question officer taking statements - Beaumont Enterprise:

Remember, the SJW phenomenon can be traced straight to the Ivy Leauge

American Horror, Ivy League Edition is about the general experience, so it doesn't mention Derrick Bell or Kimberle Crenshaw, and sure doesn't name the many online warriors who come from expensive private schools and would much rather deal with privilege in social than economic terms.

Agreeing with Nick Mamatas on the WFC award

Nick Mamatas - Was H.P. Lovecraft a good writer?: "There's a petition going around requesting that the World Fantasy Award change its prize from a bust of H.P. Lovecraft to one of Octavia Butler, and it is a ridiculous petition for several reasons."

The issue has made people propose alternate symbols for the award. One suggested a hobbit, but the people objecting to Lovecraft wouldn't be happy with a smaller straight white guy. Nick's proposal for a chimera is solid.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Excluded by intersectionality: Two white males shot by police while holding toy guns, one while holding a WII controller

Deputy who killed California 13-year-old holding toy gun will not face charges - NY Daily News: "Deputy Erik Gelhaus thought Andy Lopez was holding a real AK-47 — not a BB gun — when he fatally shot him seven times, Sonoma County's District Attorney ruled Monday."

Georgia Teen Answers Door With Wii Controller in Hand . . . Police Officer Shots And Kills Teen | JONATHAN TURLEY: "Christopher Roupe, 17, was a ROTC student at at Woodland High School in Georgia who dreamed of serving his country in the Marines. That dream came to an end when he answered a knock on the door of his trailer home. He found himself face-to-face with Euharlee police officers who promptly shot him to death. An officer said that she saw a weapon in his hand. It turned out to be a Wii controller."

Another Kid with a Toy Gun Shot by Cops | The Daily Sheeple: "A 14 year old boy in Battle Creek, Michigan is the latest victim of a gunshot inflicted by a police officer. His crime? Carrying a toy gun that looked “like a large caliber handgun”. Nick King was walking up the street on Saturday afternoon when an observer called 911 to report “a man with a gun outside a convenience store.”"

ETA: Unarmed white man killed by black cop.

The reason the media pays little attention to unarmed white males getting shot by the police is not because it doesn't happen, but because no one thinks it's unfair—they only think it's unfortunate, and being unlucky is rarely news.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Maybe the most important conflict is between binarians and the rest of us

Rebecca R-C says many insightful things at Am I cisgender? | Slave of the Passions. This is from the comments: "The glaringly obvious and ironic thing about people calling themselves “non-binary” is that it creates a false binary between people who accept the gender binary and conform to gender norms, and those who don’t. Everybody is non-binary."

If I ever find myself in another discussion with a gender theorist who says I'm a straight man, I'll reply, "Die in a fire, truscum! I am an AMAB male-presenting lesbian." Because, frankly, that's as useful a description of my gender as any.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Perhaps the only two posts you should read about Wiscon's decision to ban Jim Frenkel for life

I'm sure I've missed many posts about Wiscon and Jim Frenkel because I'm just not as interested in the SJW phenomenon as I was, but I've only seen two good ones, both by Sigrid Ellis.

From July: Wiscon, Policy, Feminsim, Change

And now: Wiscon Concom’s final Frenkle decision

Monday, August 4, 2014

Should "social justice" be called "Disney justice"?

Mike Dawwwson on Sofia the First

Excluded by intersectionality: Cameron Todd Willingham, wrongly executed?

Fresh doubts over a Texas execution | The Washington Post. This story is irrelevant to feminists and anti-racists because it's about a white man. It is about class, but class never seems to be terribly relevant to the privileged believers in privilege theory.

ETA: To believe in the death penalty, you have to believe the US legal system is infallible or that killing a few innocents in order to kill the guilty is fine.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some truths can't be told nicely, so Jim Goad doesn't

I dunno if I'd love Jim Goad or hate him if I met him. I've read enough of him to think it could go either way. His strength and weakness as a thinker and a writer is he doesn't know when to stop. Sometimes that gets him to hard, hard truths that genteel people who rarely think about class cannot imagine, like this bit from I Told Myself To Stop Whitesplaining But Realized I Was Still Mansplaining | Thought Catalog, in which he speaks as a white man who has become aware of his guilt: "Drenched in my salty tears, I thought of all those dogs biting black people in Alabama, all those firehoses that were sprayed on them—even though, to be frank, it gets very hot and muggy down South and the occasional firehose might actually be refreshing when you really think about it—all those burning crosses, all those Jews screaming as they were shoved into ovens as if they were Domino’s Pizzas and not real human beings, all those black men swinging from trees (and I don’t mean on swings!), and all those women who were forced to launder our underwear and sit at home knitting socks while we were selfishly being blasted to bits in coal-mining accidents and having our faces blown off on battlefields."

Is Requireshate (aka Winterfox, Acrackedmoon, Pyrofennic) about to be exposed?

By the principles of the social justice warriors, no SJW is more deserving of doxxing than Requireshate, who uses pseudonymity in the most thuggish way possible. One of her targets—not me—has said in a semi-private post that she has RH's identity and hasn't decided whether to share it. Another person—not me—noticed a very likely candidate and tracked RH's posting on Twitter to establish that he or she may have been from Asia, but was currently in the Americas. RH appears to be someone who has a biography that is similar to the bios that RH has claimed. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't connect the names, but I really have been paying less attention to these people, and especially the ones who became prominent after Racefail 09.

ETA: And apparently it's not the very likely candidate who was proposed. It's someone else with a similar bio. The current candidate, if accurately identified, has been living a Jekyll and Hyde life, but that's often what pseudonymity does, as any number of pseudonymous SJWs demonstrate daily.

ETA 2: Here's what Caitlin Kiernan said publicly at Dear Sweet Filthy World - "The colors of my sea, some perfect-colored sea.": "Yesterday, I was given the identity of @requireshate. You may or may not recall my trouble with this asshole, that they labeled me a racist and a sexist. You yourself may or may not have been a target. A hell of a lot of people have. I may or may not release the name publicly. If I don't, I know that someone else soon will. This person has hidden under the banner of "social justice," masquerading as a decent human being. Well, she can't hide any longer. As it happens, she's a somewhat celebrated new writer who really should have known that, sooner or later, her loathsome behavior would come back to bite her on the ass. Knowledge is power, right? And yes, I trust my source."

My hope is that no one outs Requireshate. The best revenge comes from treating your enemies better than they treated you. That's also how you make a better world. But no one should blame any one who does unto Ms. Hate as Ms. Hate did unto others.

ETA 3: If you want to play "Who is Winterfox?", the clues are that she's exactly who she claimed to be in her public posts, a writer from Thailand. Her bits of ignorance about Thailand either were attempts to confuse her trail or, more likely, due to her privileged background: people who live in several countries sometimes know none of them well.

ETA 4: And now there's a possibility that the wrong Thai writer is being identified. If so, I trust Ms. Hate will do the honorable thing and reveal herself.