Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Gaslighting" or lack of sleep?

People remember events differently. Sometimes the differences are simply due to our different perspectives. But sometimes, especially with people who may be called partisans or cultists, the differences between what they remember and the rest of us remember can be extreme. SJWs often write about their mental issues and fail to connect them to their understanding of the real world. One issue applies here: Lack of Sleep may lead to increase in risk of False Memories.


  1. I've become annoyed by the broadening of "gaslight" (the verb) beyond all usefulness. It's a sort of snowballing from the original meaning of deliberately rigging reality to cause a victim to doubt her own sanity, to the broader but still useful meaning of lying or denying to cause the victim to doubt herself, to such a broad meaning that it's essentially a term for being dismissive or not taking the speaker seriously enough.

    WORKER: When Bob stumbled into me and grabbed me, his hands landed on my breasts. I think he groped me on purpose.
    MANAGER: Bob wouldn't do that. It was just an accident. I think you're reading too much into it.

    The manager is being dismissive of the worker's concerns, absolutely, but that is not gaslighting. A genuinely gaslighting manager would more likely deny that the stumble had occurred at all.

    On a different note, I know of no reason to believe that SJWs as a group are sleep-deprived. Do you?

    1. I haven't gone looking to verify this, but I'm pretty sure I remember at least one of them complaining about insomnia. I have seen a number of them talking about the meds they take, and people in general tend to be underslept in our culture, so I'd guess there's some lack of sleep among them. But I'm not arguing that's the main issue with their perception of things. Just noting it's another factor.

      Full agreement on the devolving of "to gaslight."