Sunday, July 13, 2014

For anyone who would like to ask me "hard questions", and a little about people who think the source matters more than the truth

In the twitter exchange I referred to in the last post, C***** K*** said:
I tweeted back:
I haven't gotten an answer, which doesn't surprise me. For the record, I am always ready to answer hard questions.

But I think the real "hard question" is why social justice warriors never ask and rarely link directly to the people they write about. I suspect it's because they simply don't care about checking facts—what matters is their rage. I learned about a silly example in the comics world at With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility Bun Toons | Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!—the outrage du jour was about an adult superhero having sex with a minor, but the outraged didn't notice that the "minor" was drawn as an adult and referred to having drunk wine on her 23rd birthday. Perhaps the S in SJW should stand for "semiliterate".

Here's another bit from the twitter exchange that included Kane and Somerville:

  1. *** The information isn't different because of the source, though.
  2. I respect you for saying so, but for many people, the source matters more than the truth. •••
  3. Yeah, that bugs me. Truth can be anywhere. Conversely, so can untruth. I can't see people as all good or all bad.

Deirdre and I disagree on a number of things, but I will always have complete respect for people who know how to disagree ethically. As for the rest, well, Malcolm X's and St. Peter's advice to respect everyone still applies—but the respect that they get comes with my pity.

"Accept the truth from whatever source it comes." —Maimonides