Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Does identity politics have a rape problem?

Does identity politics have a rape problem? | The Charnel-House


  1. "The only reason I’m writing here is because online feminism is clearly not a “safe space” to voice dissent, and at least here I know my anonymity will be protected."

    That's pretty much my experience, not just with online feminism but with any sort of internet sj activism [though online feminism seems to be worst about it IME]. The only safe spaces they can really create in the end are echo chambers. And I suppose if someone doesn't really mind questioning the information they receive from the supposed leaders of the movement, it's fine. Not so much for people who realize--or have come from--situations that don't fit neatly into whatever narrative they believe in.

    After dealing with numerous safe spaces, I honestly don't think such a thing can exist without being password protected and having some sort of invite. But sometimes I think what people really need aren't safe spaces, but a nonjudgmental friend or two who are willing to help them out but won't enable them either and a problem with a lot of safe spaces IME is that they enable a lot of bad behaviors not helped by the walk-on-eggshells atmosphere which always honestly seemed a lot more condescending and self-serving than anything. Or maybe just legit professional help.

    Of course with a friend that could leave to co-dependency too, which is hardly better. I know it, I've found myself in that position far too many times.

    I try to think on how things could possibly improve, or maybe I'm just in denial, but in the end I'm getting too old for it.

    1. Someone who would rather not be named told me that she thinks safety isn't the point of feminism; patriarchs want women to feel safe, after all.

      And as for respecting anonymity/pseudonymity, that only applies to SJWs. The moment you transgress, to use their term, you're Other, and they happily out Others. I think there's a phrase they use, something like "learning experience" which means you must be made to suffer so everyone else will conform.

      Rant, rant, rant. I really do want to be done with these people, and think I may again try to exclude them from my life.

      You're very right that they need friends who aren't caught up in their world. What's sad is that I've seen more than one example of them choosing to cut out friends who don't accept their belief system.