Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Surprising Truth About Women and Violence

The Surprising Truth About Women and Violence | TIME

Among the surprises (to me): "The February CDC study found that, over their lifetime, 44% of lesbians had been physically assaulted by a partner (more than two-thirds of them only by women), compared to 35% of straight women, 26% of gay men, and 29% of straight men." If I did the math correctly, that means 29% of lesbians have been physically assaulted by female partners, the same as the percentage of straight men who have been assaulted by women.


  1. I find myself curious: why are you surprised? Didn't hear of the studies before? Didn't believe them before? Bought into the pseudo-victorian "Women are better people than men" narrative? Something else?

    1. I had a sister about my age, so I always knew girls could be about as violent as boys. But I've always had a bit of protective streak when it comes to women, so while I knew all those things happen, I assumed most of them happened a little less often than they actually do.

      What's most surprising in that particular set of statistics is that the safest couples statistically are gay men. Speaking as a straight guy, I think that's kind of sweet.