Sunday, June 15, 2014

No, this should be my last post about Wiscon: Harassment by poetry

Start here, with a poem inspired by a spam subject line: Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen: A Poem by F.J. Bergmann. The people on the internet who frame discourse would tell you what to think of it before you read it, but I won't.

After you read the poem, read rose_lemberg: harassers defending harassers, where you'll learn that Russians are an oppressed group in the US, and you'll get her interpretation of the poem. A surprising number of people who I'd thought were better readers have accepted Lemberg's version. They do not understand subtext or unreliable narrators.

Then read the author's explanation of the drama: fibitz: Good Intentions Pave, Widen, and Add a SpeedPass Lane to the Road to Hell.

And then follow links in the comments on the poem to see how other people are spinning this case of harassment by poetry.

In particular, I'm disappointed with The Strange Horizons Blog: Confidentiality statement added to guidelines. People who edit poetry should understand that poems which deserve the name of poetry are always about more than they seem to be.