Monday, March 31, 2014

When Is Rape Okay? - Debunking the Jacqueline Goodchilds / fearus meme

From Fear Us - Home, which has more on this:

ETA via Clarence Williams in the comments: The dangers of self-report - Science Brainwaves


  1. If you had asked a classroom of squirrelly high school kids "2 + 2 = ?" (with no consequence for the validity of the answer), I can ASSURE you that some wise asses would intentionally give the wrong answer -- the more outlandish, the better. Make it a sex-related question (I know -- rape is not about sex), and the bogus answers would increase. I would STRONGLY suspect that such is the case here.

  2. Yeah, what he said. Polls are unreliable. High school students are unreliable. Polling high schools students basically gives you a work of fiction.

    When I was in college, somebody polled the local high schools about Satanic activity in the area. According to the kids, goats were being sacrificed left and right every night.

    That said, there are probably some real rapists and future rapists somewhere in any given high school. Actually identifying them would be a big step forward. Unless and until that becomes possible, I don't see much help for it beyond educating people and asking the more mature ones to create social pressure. It's worked pretty well for drunk driving -- not perfectly, but pretty well.

  3. It doesn't matter if it was on a scale of 20. If a person even marks a 1 they are saying it is somehow acceptable. Especially in high school, this is an important subject. A few bad apples giving "smart" answers doesn't give excuse for the results.