Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My book is done, and so am I—on How To Make A Social Justice Warrior

It's slightly different than the previous draft, but not in any major ways, I think. Currently, it's at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Only $2.99 99 cents US—cheap!

At Amazon.com: How to make a Social Justice Warrior, D. J. Anderson said,
Shetterly is a fascinating writer, and he covers a LOT of material here. He is consistently thought-provoking, and he is at his best here, struggling with complicated issues and walking through his thoughts and personal journey.
I made an intro:

But to save you having to play it (it's effectively just an audio podcast):
I may be the only person who has gotten death threats from racists and anti-racists.
In the 1960s, my family was part of the civil rights struggle. I was bullied in school—they called me a niggerlover. My parents couldn’t get fire insurance because the Ku Klux Klan threatened to burn down our home. Dad taught me how to carry our shotgun to him if he needed it. They never came, but that experience shaped my life. 
I wrote a novel based on my childhood called Dogland. Ellen Kushner said it was "A masterwork. A particularly American magic realism that touches the heart of race and childhood in our country." 
I also created Captain Confederacy, the first black female superhero who had her own series from a major comic book company. The story was about a black woman and a white man who became lovers in a world where the Confederacy won the Civil War. Though many southerners praised it, a Texan sent me a threatening letter about the fate of race traitors. 
The Feminist SF Wiki said my work “features strong women characters and people of color”. But I got in a flamewar with people who understand power in terms of social identities—in that case, race—and got my first death threat from an anti-racist. Researching my opponents, I learned that: 
They claim to believe in racial diversity, but they mobbed a Cherokee author and made a literary convention withdraw its offer for him to be their guest of honor. 
They claim to believe in celebrating women, but they mobbed a woman writer who was a pioneer in two male-dominated fields, science fiction and the military, and made a feminist convention withdraw its offer for her to be their guest of honor. 
They claim to believe in protecting women, but they exposed a pseudonymous young woman’s legal identity on the web, contacted her employers to try to get her fired, and left a threat in her office that was so scary she went to the police. 
They claim to believe in free speech, but they try to censor, boycott, and black list anyone whose approach to justice is different than theirs, even—or especially—if their targets also want a world of equality for everyone. 
I’ve forgiven everyone in those flamewars. The last and hardest to forgive was myself. Like everyone in every flamewar, I chose to fight when I could have stayed on the sidelines. All I can do to make amends is share what I’ve learned about social justice warriors.
Here's the guide to the previous draft:

1. Understanding Social Justice Warriors
• From Social Justice Workers to Social Justice Warriors
• Racism = Power + Privilege, so only White People can be Racist?
• Derrick Bell, the Father of Critical Race Theory
• Kimberlé Crenshaw, the Mother of Intersectionality
• The Problem with Privilege Theory
• Nine Problems with Identitarianism
• Quotes for Identity Traitors
• About this history

2. Diversity In Fantasy And Science Fiction
• Race, Class, and Hurricane Katrina
• Parallel Lives
• Is it harder for black people to get a taxi in the US?
• Discussing the taxi test in the comments on my “parallel lives” post
• What fat social justice warriors don’t know about class markers
• Micole “Mely” Coffeeandink
• Elizabeth Vom Marlowe
• N. K. Jemisin
• K. Tempest Bradford

3. The Outing of Zathlazip and the Hounding of William Sanders
• The WisCon Troll
• The Powwow Dancer vs. the People of Privilege

4. Racefail ’09
• Whose voice counts?
• Comparing mobs to orcs is racist
• White women’s tears
• I fall into a burning ring of fire…
• Trying to reason in a flamewar
• Will Shetterly: Do Not Engage
• Deepad
• Liz Henry, aka Badgerbag
• Julia Sullivan, aka Icecreamempress and Sidhedevil
• Veejane
• I fell down, down, down as the flames burned higher…
• Baffled white writers
• Nithings
• Hate mail and threats
• Vom Marlowe objects

5. The Retroactive Pseudonymity of Micole “Mely” Coffeeandink

6. Racefail Burns Out
• Pseudonymityfail Burns Out
• A Farewell to RaceFail
• The Angry Bourgie Woman vs. Harlan Ellison
• What happened to Verb Noire?
• Mobbing Jay Lake
• Continuing Effects of Violations of Internet Pseudonymity
• Rape and the Righteous Community

7. The Female Marine Officer vs. WisCon’s True Feminists
• When scifi writers could disagree
• Even bigots must be free to speak
• WisCon and Elizabeth Moon: What Happened and What Can We Learn from it?

8. The Metaphor Police
• “Brown bag lunch” is racist
• “Slavery” and “Holocaust” are racist
• Fried chicken is racist
• “Death March” is racist
• Kilowog in Green Lantern is racist

9. Imaginary Indian Fails
• Mammothfail
• Graveyardfail
• American Indian or Native American?
• Real Indians and Wah-na-bes
• In support of race traitor stories—regarding Avatar and District 9
• Was Deep Space Nine racist? or, More on Avatar
• Watching Avatar While Human, and a note about John Carter of Mars
• Dances With Wolves
• A Jewish Dances With Wolves
• The Education of Little Tree: where is the racism?
• Is Little House on the Prairie racist?
• Whiteknightfail, or The Education of K. Tempest Bradford

10. Weird Tales of Fails and Shaming
• Rose Fox
• Those Who Require Hate Instead of Love
• Outrage Culture: the World of Social Justice Warcraft

11. Diversity of thought vs diversity of identity: the SFWA Kerfuffles
• The right to offend is the heart of free speech
• Chain Mail Bikinis
• The Reminiscences of Old Men
• When you think social justice warriors can go no lower
• N. K. Jemisin’s Continuum Guest of Honor Speech
• On the female gaze, Vampire Diaries, gothic romances, and SFWA
• On Vox Day and N. K. Jemisin, the feuding heirs of Racial Realism
• Do gun laws make it safe for white people to kill darker-skinned people?
• SFWA’s Petitiongate

12. Class and Fandom
• Class, Race, Fandom, and Dr. Who
• Damien G. Walter and “class envy”
• Are poor people invisible in fandom?
• The hardest panel for an f&sf convention

13. How to make a Social Justice Warrior
• The cult symptoms of Social Justice Warriors
• Ten Points About Conformity

14. Reclaiming Civility

Addenda: Social Justice Warriors
• Unpacking “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”
• The Killing Rage of Bell Hooks
• Gendered language and sexism
• How to survive an online mobbing
• How to talk like a Social Justice Warrior, or The thought-terminating clichés of radical identitarianism

If you don't know me, here's a video introduction that might explain why I really don't like mobbing and bullies: