Saturday, March 1, 2014

if you're more interested in the current fannish fail than I am

Start here:

The Daily Dot - Jonathan Ross withdraws from the Hugos after online uproar

The Observer Profile: Jonathan Ross

I didn't go any further, but if there are especially entertaining posts about this, let me know.

Yes, the Daily Dot article is Aja Romano's. I think she wants to be fandom's Walter Winchell.

ETA: No, don't read Aja Romano's. Read this: When Jonathan Ross Was Presenting The Hugo Awards. Until He Wasn't. - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors.

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  1. Jonathan Ross has had some controversies (hey, who hasn't?) but he's hardly seem evil bigoted figure who should be shunned. He's a very mainstream TV personality.

    The idea that SF/Fantasy is not "inclusive" enough is odd. Ursula Le Guin? Chip Delany (a 2 for 1 there)? Anne McCaffrey? Robin Hobb? Marion Zimmer Bradley? Everyone respects those people - if you've got the talent you can make it.