Monday, December 3, 2012

Regarding Metafilter's "privilege-checking and call-out culture"

I'm no longer a Mefite, so I'm responding to privilege-checking and call-out culture here.

Msalt, I love this:
So much energy is spent parsing terminology, including redefining words with non-intuitive meaning that will inevitably confuse readers. (EG "patriarchy" does not mean rule by men, but most people use it that way. "the male gaze" does not mean men lewdly staring, it's from an impenetrable 1975 essay of psychoanalytic film theory, but it's used to mean men staring 85%+ of the time.)

So you either derail on the mistaken uses of these words, or talk past each other and spin your wheels. It's a cancer.
Artw, more love for your explanation of "livejournally stuff":
...eternal circles of privlege shaming, counter shaming and shaming for not shaming enough.
ShawnStruck, though I love the above, this comment of yours is the reason for this post:
The fact that Will Shetterly is being listed as a credible source in this post really undercuts its legitimacy. He has a history of harassment, mostly against Women of color as the link shows.
That "history of harassment" is SJWspeak. It means I disagree online with the fans of Critical Race Theory. You say my disagreements are mostly with women of color, yet your link is to a post at a white woman's site compiled by two white women, Coffeeandink and Marydell, and one woman of color, Sparkymonster.

Your comment is also a fine example of what SJW's call white-knighting. Do women of color need special consideration when discussing race and gender? I think not.

There's also a curious suggestion that you think all women of color have the same identitarian politics. You should read Rev. Thandeka.

Martin Wisse, I'm amused that you claim I have a vendetta against Coffeeandink and offer as evidence the post where she and her friends, to use SJW rhetoric, "stalked" me as part of their "vendetta". (I assume in SJWspeak, "vendetta" means "intellectual disagreement plus hissyfit".)

And it's both hilarious and sad that you cited Verb Noire—whose organizers took the money and ran—as a "success" of Racefail.

Karmakazee, I never argued that "pussy" isn't gendered. I only said I don't hear it as gendered, wondered if that was a regional thing, and linked to Wikipedia's article. I'm sure some people use it as a gendered insult. I hear the insult in the sense of cowardly—"'fraidy cat", not "womanly".

ETA: How privilege lost its meaning, or The problem with Privilege Theory