Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jay Lake on the hypocrisy of fandom's SJWs—and my final post on this blog

In 2012, at marlowe1: Bullies, pt 2, speaking about one of fannish SJWs' favorite conventions, Jay Lake said,
I don't feel safe at Wiscon anymore because I've been explicitly threatened with being spat upon, mobbed, shouted down and walked out on by Tempest and her followers. (Actually, the walking out part would be fine with me.) The Wiscon community, including the motherboard, has never to my knowledge disavowed these threats or done anything to discourage them. That effectively sends the message that zero tolerance doesn't apply to this kind of harassment.

Being threatened with abusive and assaultative behavior makes me feel unsafe. Wiscon does not seem interested in curbing those threats, which validates my sense of lack of safety.
This is my final post here. I've turned off the comments, but I'm leaving the lights on for fandom's historians. The reason this is my final post will be on my main blog today or tomorrow, most likely.

Go in peace, everyone.

ETA: On second thought, I'll give Jay the last word:

“Any cause that requires mockery and abuse to advance itself isn’t one I need to engage with, regardless of my basic beliefs or agreement with the underlying goals.” —Jay Lake

ETA 2: And on third thought, I should end with a link to the post I mentioned above, which contains another quote from Jay: Confessions of a Scarred and Broken Man, or If I Blog Again about Fandom’s Social Justice Warriors, Kill Me