Sunday, March 1, 2015

Doxxing Liz F

Liz F is one of the reasonable women on the side of Gamergate. Anyone who thinks Gamergate is simply a racist or sexist movement should read her interviews at Pro Vs Anti GamerGate and Interview With The Influential #Gamergate Defender Lizzyf620(Update). She has her last word about Gamergate in Coming Clean. After being doxxed and threatened, she proved her reasonableness by saying in A final letter to #GamerGate from Lizzyf620 : KotakuInAction:
BOTH sides: this was not the work of GG, or anti-GG, or KIA, or Ghazi, or 8chan, or Baph. Don't blame groups, don't guilt by association. This is the responsibility of whoever posted it, and no one else. My life and my family are not politics, nor are they chess pieces in a match. They are mine, and only mine, and I ask that both sides respect this.