Friday, January 16, 2015

If only PZ Myers understood what free speech is…

In If only they understood what free speech is…, PZ Myers said, "Both the Rice and Ali denials were by universities, not governments. I think they were in the right to boot them out. "

Now, I agree with Myers that Condoleezza Rice should be tried as a war criminal, but I rather admire Ayaan Hirsi Ali for getting herself on al Qaeda's death list. None of which has anything to do with the fundamental issue here.

The ACLU knows what free speech is. When Clark University denied Norman Finkelstein's opportunity to speak, Sarah R. Wunsch of the ACLU wrote:
…the cancellation of his speech violates the basic principles of freedom of speech and academic freedom which are so fundamental to an institute of higher learning. The existence of an opportunity to speak at another time or in another location does not remedy the wrong of censorship.
Relevant: The First Amendment protects private censorship, but opposing free speech is still wrong: a few points from the ACLU, Popehat, Salman Rushdie, and others