Tuesday, December 16, 2014

in case I have been banned at Skepchick

UPDATE: My message escaped moderation. This pleases me.

I've been in a discussion at Why I’m Okay with Doxing | Skepchick, and to be honest, I expected to be banned early on because that's the usual SJW response to dissent, no matter how civil. My most recent comment went into moderation, which might mean I was banned, or might mean I triggered some sort of filter. In any case, here it is:
No, I don’t think race and gender are irrelevant. I’ve never said that, and I never will. I think that in a capitalist society, race and gender fit within the greater system of class, which race and gender reductionists ignore, perhaps because they’re content with their class privilege. I know of no socialists who ignore race and gender, and in the fight against those forms of oppression, socialists have always been at the front: the word “feminism” was coined by a male socialist, and Marx noted, “Labor in white skin cannot emancipate itself where it is branded in black skin.” This isn’t to say all socialists have been enlightened in racial and gender issues, but their record overall is good.
I strongly recommend one very short piece by Adolph Reed Jr.: http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com/Antiracism.html I agree with all of it.
As for condescension, it seems rather thick on your side. Interpreting tone on the internet is often difficult.