Sunday, November 30, 2014

And now I've read Ann Somerville's "Will Shetterly - the Mixoning"

What I said in the previous post is prob'ly sufficient, but I like to write, so I'll address a few points.

I'm amused that almost all of her claims are unsubstantiated. Anyone who thinks critically should note that it would be easy to provide screen caps of me saying things I'm supposed to have said if I had actually said them, because these people have been obsessive about screen grabs since at least 2007.

As for the few claims that have some documentation, some are simple matters of interpretation. By definition, members of a cult cannot grasp things in ways that do not fit the cult's understanding. For example, Somerville repeats the frequent charge that I have a class-only approach to understanding power, even though I have never said racism or sexism no longer matter.

The charge that I disproportionately criticize women and people of color when I criticize identiarianism is like charging me for disproportionately criticizing Russians when I criticize Stalinism. Identitarianism comes from the intersection of bourgeois feminism and bourgeois anti-racism--both Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw come from schools for the privileged where they developed ways to think about privilege that did not threaten their own privilege. By definition, bourgeois women of color are especially susceptible to identitarianism, so I have the choice of answering them or ignoring them.

Ah, well. Life's short, so that's probably enough about this. Still, if anyone would like to ask anything, ask away. Unlike Somerville's community, I don't ban people who deviate from a narrative I wish to promote. If you're afraid I'm a bogeyman, use a pseud. I really don't have some magical power to learn who you are. I was only able to "dox" Coffeeandink because she used her name in public posts on her blog. If you avoid that, your identity is safe from me, honest.

P.S. I'm having trouble following Somerville's logic about her attempts to out the people behind Stop The Goodreads Bullies. So far as I can tell, Somerville is admitting to doxxing or trying to dox the owner(s), because when I visited STGRB a couple of years ago, the posters there were pseudonymous.

Just did a Google Advanced Search for the person Somerville is trying to dox at and found this denial. It looks like Somerville's following the standard SJW practice of merrily doxxing anyone they disapprove of while roundly denouncing doxxing.

ETA: This just turned up in my twitterfeed:


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Warriors obsess over other people's metaphors, yet they often fail to examine their own. If one of their opponents had used an insult based on "twat", they would notice that it's a gender-based insult which suggests there's something wrong with having a vagina. So it goes.