Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On memory, alcohol, and the suspicion of rape

The role of alcohol induced memory blackouts in unremembered sexual encounters. | thestrawkinsreport:
“I spent New Year’s Day with my best friend in bed. After breakfast, she put on the video from the party. I was afraid that I would see myself embarrassingly drunk, vomiting, and then unconscious. Instead, I saw myself happy, social, talkative and brilliant all the way to midnight. I had even celebrated the New Year. I saw that the neighbor and I had been flirting in the early evening. Actually, I had been more interested in his friend, but one can’t have everything. No one could have seen that I was so drunk that I wouldn’t remember anything. I could well have been capable of crashing the neighbor’s place and asking him to have sex with me.”
In other words, the video shows her to be lucid during a time in which she has no memories.

Ekelund goes on to address how treating men and women differently when they have been drinking is itself a sexist action.
“If a man in such a position says he’s horny and wants to fuck, no one would doubt it. But on the other hand, a girl say the same thing? I do not want to hear “Girl, I’m not going to fuck you because what if you’re drunk and unreliable. You do not want really.” In my world, this is a denigration of women. A person’s responsibility for their actions does not apply to that one is under the influence of alcohol or another. This applies very much to both sexes.
So next time a girl wakes up next to one or more, more or less unknown guys, she might not be correct to immediately conclude that she had been sexually abused. The possibility exists that she has asked for sex and that her wishes have been respected.”