Thursday, September 11, 2014

Does Anita Sarkeesian lie?

Believing in always asking "who profits?", I've been a little skeptical of some of the things Anita Sarkeesian has done, but I also believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, so, for example, while it struck me as odd that she should retweet the photoshopped child porn she was sent instead of instantly reporting it to the police, perhaps she was simply confused about her priorities.

But this claim is verifiable (and therefore I hope someone will verify it). From The Girl who cried wolf and the press that sold it to you:
After seeing how her fans reacted, I decided to find out exactly how the cops handled her call that night. If the cops really did just suggest that she should just stop talking about video games to stop the threats, then there would be a serious case of victim blaming and negligence, sparking a massive outcry towards the San Fransisco police department.  If the cops had a different story, then that would mean that these half deformed ghouls that are supposed to be professionals lack any sort of professional ethics. 
I reached out to the San Fransisco police department and asked them what happened on the night of the 26th, the night of infamy. I expected to hear a prepared blanket statement about how the San Fransisco police department takes all threats seriously, I was also ready to sift through forums requesting a record of the dispatch calls from the that night. I was not prepared to hear the dispatcher tell me that they never received a call from Anita Sarkeesian’s home address. I then informed dispatch of the comments Sarkeesian made about her call with the police department on a public forum and then that’s when she gave me the prepared statement on how serious the cops take these sorts of things.
There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation. If you know where it's to be found, please let me know so I can update this.