Friday, September 19, 2014

Ad Hominem is a natural consequence of identitarianism; or Tweeting with Jamelle Bouie

A recent bit of tweeting with Jamelle Bouie included this from him:
But I’m happy to stop the conversation, since you strike me as one of those folks who loves to pontificate… 
…on how black people should think of themselves, but probably doesn’t know any black people.
I replied:
Sigh. I've lived in racially-mixed nieghborhoods for most of my life. 
On implicit association tests, I show a bias for black folks, prob'ly because I've had black friends all my life.
But that's not really relevant to the validity of the identitarian model.
His assumption that I don't know any black people suggests several things:

1. He assumes all black people think alike.

2. He thinks that for me to have an opinion, I must have a connection to it that's based on identity.

Regarding point number one, the tweeting included this from him:
So, a statement like “I am a member of the black community” is validating racists?
I asked
Which black community are you part of? 40% of blacks don't think it makes sense to speak of a single black race.
He asked for a citation, so I added:
37% of blacks no longer see blacks as a single race:
Identitarians tend to be part of the black community that believes black people are a single race with a single understanding of racism. I hope Bouie will interview Adolph Reed Jr. someday.