Friday, July 11, 2014

Does anyone know when I was supposed to have doxxed Ann Somerville?

Just saw this tweet about me:
@XXXXXXX @XXXXXX I attracted his attentions for reporting his doxxing of women during RaceFail '09. So then he doxxed me
— Ann Somerville (@ann_somerville) July 12, 2014
I redacted the people it was to, because this isn't about them. I don't expect Somerville to address this, but I hope someone else will be kind enough to. Did I ever do anything that could be interpreted as doxxing her? Or any other women who would justify her use of "women" instead of "a woman"?

I understand why she and her friends think I doxxed Coffeeandink, even though C&I was using her full legal name on public posts on her LJ at the time—cults have their own customs, and faux-pseudonymity is one of theirs. I also understand why they don't blame Coffeeandink for taking part in doxxing Zathlazip—cults always have different standards for people outside the cult. I keep wondering whether Somerville took part in doxxing Zathlazip, but that's less relevant than the fact that she never criticized anyone for doxxing Z.

Anyway, help would be appreciated. I am always happy to take responsibility for what I've done, but when something's wrong, I like to clear it up.