Saturday, June 7, 2014

The people who decry doxxing are celebrating their doxxing of Fail Burton

I don't know if they've accurately doxxed Fail Burton, but a number of people who claim outing is wrong are gleefully participating in sharing who they think he is. I'm most amused and least surprised that Ann Somerville is one of the most prominent of them; she still has a post up claiming that I outed Coffeeandink, even though C&I was using her legal name in public posts on her LJ at the time. Sigh.

You'd think that if these people believed doxxing was wrong, they wouldn't dox. But Pyratejenni was right a year before Racefail 09 when fandom's warriors outed Zathlazip: "So it’s okay now to post people’s real names and similar information, as long as they do something that really, really pisses you off."