Friday, June 13, 2014

If I were to compare Jacobinghazi to Racefail 09...

I would probably use two summaries, Jacobinghazi - Imgur and A spiral of confusion (with images, tweets) · nkallen · Storify, to note:

1. Sarah Kendzior is the mindguard who, like Coffeeandink and her community, casts everything in the worst possible light for her followers.

2. Matt Bruenig is the paladin who, like me, Medievalist, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and others, charges into the fray to support friends and a beloved who did nothing to deserve the shit they're getting.

3. Kendzior, like C&I and Tempest Bradford, loves the "disagreeing with people of color on my side means you're racist" ploy. I'm beginning to wish conservatives and universalist socialists would simply do the same, because it's much easier than having to think: "Herman Cain and Michelle Malkin said so, you racist!" "Thandeka and Adolph Reed said so, you racist!"

But Jacobinghazi is so tangled and triggering in the internet sense of "I don't want to deal with this" that I pray this post is all I'll say about it.

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