Monday, June 2, 2014

Damien Walter wants to be Neo

The man who gets upset at hints of "class envy" strikes again in Science fiction's real-life war of the worlds. I left this comment there:
Damien Walter's writing from an ideological viewpoint that owes more to Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw than Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, so his misinterpretations of racial politics within the field are understandable, but still sad. Regarding Delany's observation, he left out Delany's subsequent sentence: "At that point, where the competition might be perceived as having some economic heft, chances are we will have as much racism and prejudice here as in any other field." Delany was saying that there was less racism in the genre at the time, and when the field became racially proportionate, racism within it would reflect racism in the world at large.

Now, for the field to become racially proportionate, it would have to lose its class bias, because what we're seeing currently is not an influx of working class writers. We're seeing more of the bourgeoisie of color. Some of them are doing brilliant work, but I wouldn't characterize that as diversity. True diversity also calls for diversity of class, and most importantly given the current imbroglio, diversity of thought.

I'm a socialist, but the current battle between identitarians and conservatives just makes me sad. In the '60s, tensions were fierce, but Isaac Asimov still noted, "Poul [Anderson] knows that I am a “fuzzy-minded pinko” and I know that he is a “narrow-minded hardhat” (not that either of us would ever use such terms), but we love each other anyway, and our relations with each other in these last couple of years have not suffered at all."