Monday, June 2, 2014

Answering someone who said white people need to feel guilty

At Writer Says 12 Years a Slave Used Up the White Guilt Mandela Needed, Brenda Kwang said, "White people need to feel guilty. In fact, any group who oppresses others needs to feel more than guilt: they need to have their power—and the means, structures, and resources for their ancestors to be powerful—completely removed so that they and people like them can do no more harm in the world. European slavers, Nazis, the 1% billionaires—bigots and money hoarders are the cancers of this earth."

I replied, "I assume from your name that you're of Korean descent. Korea didn't abolish slavery until 1894. I hope you feel thirty years' more guilty than any American. You also have billionaires. Bigots and money hoarders know no hue or gender."