Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A few ways I differ from scifi's conservative critics of identitarianism

1. I use "identitarianism" instead of "identity politics". (Hey, that made me grin.) I'm not sure there's a major difference in what we mean, but I suspect people who talk about "identity politics" are concerned with the pragmatic political aspects of appealing to identity, while those of us who speak of identitarianism are looking at the ideology underlying the politics. Or maybe it's just that leftist critics of identity politics—Adolph Reed Jr., Walter Benn Michaels, etc.—like having our own word.

2. I refer to Joseph McCarthy as well as Mao and Stalin to point out that in matters of freedom, it's not capitalism versus socialism but totalitarianism versus democracy.

3. I note that George Orwell, a socialist, wrote 1984 and Animal House to criticize totalitarianism, not socialism.

4. I think the internet's social justice warriors are Eloi, not Morlocks. They talk fiercely online, but what they want is deference, not equality, and their concern about respect is with getting it, not giving it. There's nothing working-class about any of the ones I know.

5. As for race and gender, Vox Day is the only conservative SF writer I've seen defend the sort of pseudo-science that's easily debunked. The others seem to be on the side that what matters is the person, not the social group. Larry Correia noted, "speaking of irony, when the announcements were made and I immediately started getting character assassinated for being a hater of women, homosexuals, sunshine, and goodness with zero evidence, the book of the week I was promoting on this blog was written by a non-white immigrant woman and had a gay hero, but hey, narrative". The idea that conservatives are all anti-black or anti-gay is a popular liberal talking point that's not very effective with people who can see the color of Condoleezza Rice's and Herman Cain's skin, or who remember that we would still have Don't Ask, Don't Tell if not for the Log Cabin Republicans.

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