Monday, May 5, 2014

Hoax hate crimes: cheaters, Munchausen syndrome, and social justice warriors

Some social justice warriors suffer from Münchausen syndrome, "a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves." A few examples:

Why Would A Gay Teenager Commit Hate Crimes Against Herself: "I started a whole fake hate-crime thing with the police so I didn’t have to do my homework.”

Professor Kerri Dunn vandalizes her car with "misogynistic, racist, and anti-Semitic graffiti", and 2000 students rally in her support before the truth comes out.

N.J. waitress in tip flap leaves restaurant: "Waitress initially said she was denied a tip because she was gay."

Hercules Transgender Teen Admits Making Up Story Of School Bathroom Assault

Something Wicked: The Five Worst Gays of 2013:
Lesbian Sarah Bray attracted national media attention in November when she claimed she was banned from visiting to her partner Jennifer Clemmer’s hospital room. Clemmer was checked into the St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis after an alleged prescription drug overdose. 
“We are in a partnership,” a tearful Bray said at the time. “It’s heart-wrenching. If I were a man and this were my wife, there would be no issue.” 
Turns out, the whole thing was a charade. 
A week later, on November 20, Bray was arrested and charged with battery and criminal confinement. It was alleged that she had beaten Clemmer unconscious, then staged the whole prescription drug overdose in an attempt to cover up the abuse, which had been going on for years. Bray’s own children confirmed the allegations. The hospital staff was on to her, which is why they wouldn’t let her in the room.
NAACP calls Hallmark graduation card racist: "A graduation card sold at local stores has been pulled from shelves after a civil rights group raised concerns about the content. The group claims the card's micro-speaker plays a greeting that's racist."

Jersey City high school candidate for student gov't sent racist texts to himself, school official says

A recent history of hate-crime hoaxes | Conservative Intelligence Briefing: it's a conservative site, but they include a case of a conservative who pretended he was attacked for his political views.

Should Münchausen By Internet be considered a mental illness? | The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti | CBC Radio