Thursday, February 13, 2014

a good post from a target of identitarian trans folk

I heart you : :: gia’s blog :::

I left this comment:
Identitarianism fascinates me, and it especially fascinates me when it comes to trans issues. Should trans women be included as women, or should they have their own social identity? Identitarians seem to agree that all identities deserve respect, so suggesting that trans folk should have their own identity should not imply they deserve any less respect or fewer rights than anyone else. It just means that there should be more than two genders available for people who want to choose one. I cannot think of any other case where identitarians say that feeling you belong to a group entitles you to belong to a group. For example, while I don't "feel" like I belong to any race, Project Implicit includes me among the millions of white people who have an implicit preference for black faces. I could argue that means I'm transracial and black people should accept me as one of them—but I'd like to think anyone could see the flaw in that logic. Ah, well. Good luck dealing with the outrage, and remember that mobbing can have horrible psychological consequences, so be careful as you proceed.