Sunday, January 5, 2014

Regarding the boycott of Nottoway Plantation and Ani Di Franco

From the plantation's website, The History of Nottoway Plantation – The Largest Antebellum Mansion in the South: "That this history includes the abhorrent practice of slavery is not a fact of which we are proud, nor do we take it lightly. However, as with many other celebrated historical plantations, such as George Washington's Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and James Madison's Montpelier, slavery is an inextricable part of Nottoway's past. If we could change it, we would."

These hardly seem like evil racists. And there point is valid. If Ani Di Franco had scheduled a gig at Mount Vernon, would it have been protested? For that matter, if she scheduled a gig in Washington, DC, would it be canceled? Slaves helped build the Capitol, after all.