Friday, January 3, 2014

on Ani DiFranco, identitarian logic, and why SJW targets must apologize for their apologies

Jezebel is one of a prime outrage site for identitarians, so click at your own risk: Ani DiFranco Issues a Real Apology for Plantation Event.

The quick story is she was going to do a workshop on a former plantation in Louisiana, but anti-racists decided it was wrong to use a place with a past of slavery.

Now, remember that at the time of the American Revolution, slavery was practiced in every colony. So by their logic, anti-racists should not do anything in any state that existed before 1865.

DiFranco cancelled the event and apologized. But because no apology is good enough for warriors, she apologized again. Perhaps the second apology will take.

ETA: Salon can always love the outrage: Ani DiFranco’s faux-pology: White privilege and the year in race.