Friday, December 6, 2013

Identitarianism articles at The North Star

At The North Star, Mark Fisher's Exiting the Vampire Castle does a nice job of dissecting identitarianism. A taste: "The Vampires’ Castle specialises in propagating guilt. It is driven by a priest’s desire to excommunicate and condemn, an academic-pedant’s desire to be the first to be seen to spot a mistake, and a hipster’s desire to be one of the in-crowd. The danger in attacking the Vampires’ Castle is that it can look as if – and it will do everything it can to reinforce this thought – that one is also attacking the struggles against racism, sexism, heterosexism. But, far from being the only legitimate expression of such struggles, the Vampires’ Castle is best understood as a bourgeois-liberal perversion and appropriation of the energy of these movements. The Vampires’ Castle was born the moment when the struggle not to be defined by identitarian categories became the quest to have ‘identities’ recognised by a bourgeois big Other."

It starts a bit slowly imho, but it's got grand bits. I suspect I'll be using "embourgeoisement".

Reactions, pro and con, and additional articles on the subject are also at The North StarI especially recommend Eve Mitchell's I am a Woman and a Human: A Marxist-Feminist Critique of Intersectionality Theory.