Monday, October 21, 2013

do SJWs simply trust the wrong "experts"?

Why We Make Bad Decisions - "In a 2009 experiment carried out at Emory University, a group of adults was asked to make a decision while contemplating an expert’s claims, in this case, a financial expert. A functional M.R.I. scanner gauged their brain activity as they did so. The results were extraordinary: when confronted with the expert, it was as if the independent decision-making parts of many subjects’ brains pretty much switched off. They simply ceded their power to decide to the expert."

Identitarians cite a number of people to back up their beliefs, but the people they cite tend to have nothing more than belief to back up their own views—the proud embracing of subjectivity means any standards for experts are irrelevant. Hmm. Which is only more argument that identitarians are cultists.